• What is more beautiful to be single or to be in relationship?

    If it came down to the point of classifying the human species irrespective of their gender, the debate might boil down to just two types; Those who will be in favor of remaining single and those who will defend love and state that being in a relationship is literally the best thing which happened to them. That census of emotion is based on various factors by which a particular individual is affected in personal life experiences.

    The Conflicted Choice

    Everyone says at the beginning that they would prefer to live their whole life single, and then they fall in love and say that it is the best thing. So how to actually believe what is right and how to trust the decision that people are making over it? It works the other way around as well where the people who were in a relationship had to endure a bad experience, and as a result of it, they simply do not believe in love anymore.


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    Why people opt to be Single?


    Fear: That is one of the major reasons as to why some people prefer not to get hitched. The fear of trusting the other person, showering them with all the love and affection, only to get heartbroken in return. The fear of a broken heart is what stops some people from giving love a chance.


    Cheating: That is just the worst thing to do to a partner. So when you get married make sure to register your marriage to avoid such things. It lowers the self-esteem and makes a person feel as if they are not worthy of love and starts to have doubts over self and it shatters their trust in such a way that they rarely gain a little amount of courage to love again.


    Commitment issues: There’s no need to cover it up but to accept that there are various people no matter how unconditionally their partner might love them, they just won’t commit to the relationship and will keep on the want to explore more options and never settle down.

    Independence. These are the people who love solitude the most and wouldn’t want to be tied down to any particular person. Such people are too reliant on themselves and have genuinely accepted themselves as a whole and are content with it.


    Why is it stated that Being in a relationship is the best thing to happen to a person?


    The added motivation to do things right by your partner or the combined amount of responsibility or the happy feeling of coming home to the person you love after a tiring day of work. All these feelings are counted as surreal for the people in love and to explore each other’s flaws, work on it together. Even when the difficult times arrive, at least there will be a cushion to fall on that there is someone who will stand by the side through thick and thin.

    A circle has no beginning. Likewise, it all boils down to the perspective of people as well as individuals and how’d they prefer to live the life that would make them the happiest. After all, what’s the point in being in a relationship and being unhappy or being single and keep on longing for love. Choices matter. It is just more beautiful to be happy whether a person is single or in a relationship. Happiness is the deciding factor.

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